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‘What You Want’ vs. ‘What You Need’

(Last Updated On: August 6, 2017)

In the world of addiction, the addict becomes so consumed with what he wants that, it is only after he gets what he wants and grows bored with it, that he even begins to consider what he actually needs. Addiction recovery has a lot to do with acknowledging what one actually needs and committing to those needs. Do you need for your penis to orgasm several times a day with strange women or do you need to save your marriage and commit to your children? Do you need to conquer the heart of “a 10” so that you can have the satisfaction of tossing her away like trash, or do you need to figure out what ails your aching soul so that you can live your life as a decent human being – one that you and your family can be proud of? When your penis speaks to you, the message is fleeting and the benefits are short-lived. When your truth is embraced, you find peace and fulfillment in life. Are you following the voice of “want” or “need”?

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