The Power of Hope

The Belief That Things Can Get Better

One of the most common reasons that sex addicts find themselves on the losing side of their battle with sex addiction is because they no longer acknowledge that things can get better. They have lost their sense of self. Sex addicts can find themselves losing against sex addiction because they do not have hope for a better life, so they live for the moment – and the moment only. They do not think of the future consequences of the decisions that they make today. Therefore, whatever feels good right now is what works for them.

Hope is powerful because it helps a person to endure the more challenging parts of their journey. Hope helps the individual to not give up. For, giving up is like embracing death. Hope infuses us with strength. It can be like a beacon in the black of night. You may not know where you are going, exactly, or how you are going to get there, but you just keep heading for the light.

Hope is powerful on this journey called life, and it is absolutely necessary when battling addiction.

How Hope Operates

Hope quiets the negative voices of doubt, fear, and despair. It gives one the second wind needed to continue the journey. Those who struggle with destructive behavioral patterns often get “stuck.” They experience some sort of trigger that has them act in a way that is contrary to their own good. Then begins the cycle of guilt and self-judgment, complete with an abundance of negative self-talk.

Therefore, it is easy to see how beneficial it is to be able to break up those negative cycles. This is where the benefits of hope can be seen. Interrupting the negative cycles keeps them from gaining momentum. The more negative thoughts gain momentum, the weaker the individual feels. It is only a matter of time before feelings of being powerless and overwhelmed set in. An individual who is stuck in this sort of mindspace will rapidly decline. However, even a little glimmer of hope can dramatically turn things around.

Hope is powerful. It helps an individual to focus on the light at end of the tunnel, and not just the darkness that attempts to overtake him. Hope reminds him that the challenging times will pass, and that he can work through those rougher moments and come out on the other side of them, and not lose himself to despair.

Sure, there are some things in life that are out of our control. Many of them, in fact. However, there are also a great number of missed opportunities for life to work with us; so many times when life is simply manifesting that which is inside of us. Too many times we play victim when we could, actually, be positively impacting the outcome of our situation. Hope keeps us focused. It reminds us that we are here for a reason, that our lives have purpose, that we are much more powerful than we think; that we are much more capable than we think…

Balance Between Hope and Reality

Now, here is the thing, it does not benefit anyone to get lost in the clouds; to try refuse reality and try to live out some sort of fantasy. Therefore, while we embrace having hope for the future, we also need to be rooted and grounded in the present. An individual who perpetually lives in the future is a dreamer. However, a person who lives predominantly for today tends to be short-sighted, and they usually do not spend enough time laying the groundwork for future successes. Therefore, the ideal situation is for there to be balance. Have hope that the future can, and will be better, but focus on your present so that you can lay the groundwork for that amazing future.

The Highlights

  • Hope is powerful – It infuses us with strength to endure and to persevere.

  • Seek balance – Believe that the future can, and will be, better. Work today to lay the necessary foundation for that bright future.

  • Gain momentum – Continue to put one foot in front of the other. Slowly, but surely, you will find your rhythm for working through the different phases of your journey.

  • Participant, not victim – Life is not happening to us. We are active participants. The choices that we make today lay the foundation for the lives that we will live tomorrow.

  • Interrupting the negative cycles – The beginning of the journey is about breaking up the flow of the negative cycles so that they do not even have the opportunity to gain momentum. Replace the negative patterns with positive patterns, no matter how small they may seem. This step, alone, will help to ensure success on your journey.


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