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HAS: Cure For A Better Sex Life (Pt. 2)

Cure For A Better Sex Life (Pt. 2) Synopsis In part two of this 2-part series, Mistress Alisa builds on part one and moves forward with teaching men how to take the next step in achieving a more gratifying sex life with their partners. This segment contains graphic adult content and is not appropriate for those under the age of 21.

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HAS: Cure For A Better Sex Life (Pt. 1)

Cure For A Boring Sex Life (Pt. 1) Synopsis In part one of this 2-part series, Mistress Alisa teaches men how to understand the needs of their female partners. The overall goal is to help men have better sex lives with their partners. However, the way to that goal is through connecting on a deeper level with one's female partner, first.

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HAS: Follow Her Lead

Follow Her Lead Synopsis This segment addresses the ways in which dominant women can learn to bring out the best in their submissive men. When a balance is reached in the relationship, it becomes extremely gratifying and fulfilling for both parties.

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Collared: Power Exchange (Pt. 1)

Collared S01E03: Power Exchange (Pt1) Episode Summary Mistress Alisa and her goodboy tom return to discuss the concept of power exchange, a wildly popular term used in the world of Domination and submission. What is "power exchange," and what is its place in D/s relationships?

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HAS: Troubles In My Second Marriage

Troubles In My Second Marriage A Request For Support In one of the sex addiction support groups that I belong to, a man posted, seeking support and accountability for the situation that he found himself. He had been struggling with an addiction of a sexual nature, which had played a role in the demise of his first marriage, and which was playing a role in creating problems in his second marriage. It became a relatively popular post, especially since there were so many that could relate to the details of his story. Having helped my clients to work through similar [...]

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