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HAS: You Have To Want To Change

You Have To Want To Change Synopsis Mistress Alisa talks to sex addicts about the difference between wanting change in their lives and wanting to actually do the work to affect change in their lives. This is more real talk for those who are on the journey to sex addiction recovery. If you feel stuck on your journey, then this might be just the message that you need to hear.

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HAS: A Domme’s Love Letter To Her Goodboy

A Domme's Love Letter To Her Goodboy Synopsis Mistress gives the listener deeper insights into the inner workings of a true Domme. This segment will help other Dommes to understand their own true potential within the context of D/s, while simultaneously helping submissive men to better understand their own value as the goodboy who serves. No games. No gimmicks. Just pure heart and soul.

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HAS: Living Your Best Life Possible

Living Your Best Life Possible Synopsis Mistress Alisa revisits a familiar topic and helps listeners to push ahead with clarity and focus. She speaks directly into the life of the listener on sensitive topics and helps them to identify areas in their lives that may be holding them back. If you are tired of being stuck, and you are ready for change, this podcast is for you!

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HAS: Knowing Who You Are

Knowing Who You Are Only You Can Identify Your Personal Truth In other articles, we have looked at the importance of knowing what you are fighting for. As necessary as that information is, it is also absolutely essential that you have a strong sense of self - in other words, that you know who you are. You need to know your fears, your triggers, your weaknesses. Doing the work required to get these types of answers requires quite a bit in terms of a personal commitment. And while it can help to have someone knowledgeable and trustworthy to assist you [...]

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HAS: The Importance of The Dash

The Importance of The Dash What is the dash? Epitaphs usually have at least three items on them: the date that a person was born, the date that a person passed from this life, and a small dash connecting those two dates. One quick look at an epitaph and what a person will often times do is calculate the math. Perhaps, it is instinct to try to figure out how long another person lived, and to make assumptions about the quality of their life based on that information. However, a most overlooked detail of the epitaph is the dash. What [...]

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