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HAS: You Have To Want To Change

You Have To Want To Change Synopsis Mistress Alisa talks to sex addicts about the difference between wanting change in their lives and wanting to actually do the work to affect change in their lives. This is more real talk for those who are on the journey to sex addiction recovery. If you feel stuck on your journey, then this might be just the message that you need to hear.

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HAS: It Just Happened

It Just Happened Synopsis Mistress Alisa challenges a deceptive mindset that prevents many men from embracing a healthy way of life that could ultimately lead to better relationships and significantly better sex lives. Listen up, guys! If you find yourself constantly in trouble, constantly behaving in an inappropriate manner (and trying to cover those things up), constantly doing things that have an immediate payoff, but that do not offer much fulfillment in the long-run, this episode is for you.

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HAS: Sex Addiction Is Not A Game

Sex Addiction Is Not A Game Synopsis NOTE: This episode is not for the faint of heart. Mistress Alisa digs deep and issues a heart-felt warning to those who make light of sex addiction. After years of having clients and potential clients play games with their lives, Mistress Alisa has decided to shine a light on the issue, in hopes that this important message will help someone who needs to hear it. Again, the overall tone of this episode is considerably heavier than what most listeners may be accustomed to.

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HAS: The Alpha Male and His Sex Addiction

The Alpha Male and His Sex Addiction Profile of an Alpha Male A profile of an average alpha male who actively struggles with sex addiction might look something like this. He is likely to be: Powerful - able to alter the quality of life for other individuals Influential - able to convince people to do things that he wants them to do Entitled - has a sense of other people owing him something, usually with the mindset that he is more important than others Wealthy - has access to significant amounts of expendable income Selfish - thinks primarily about himself; [...]

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