An Important Notice About My Services

While my doors are open to any qualifying candidate, it may be useful to note that my services are designed to address a specific niche that has been ignored for a very long time. I help affluent, alpha men to get their lives together; to create peace and balance in their lives; to have better relationships with their partners, loved ones, and friends; to develop as well-rounded sexual beings, without dependence on sexually deviant trappings; and to maximize their individual potential in life.

Admittedly, those aspects of my services, alone, may not be especially unique. However, the manner in which I provide my services is. I am the person who holds you accountable, who is 100% invested in helping you to maximize your potential, who holds up the mirror and requires you to live with integrity, who interacts with you based on nothing more, and nothing less, than the truth.

I love my clients. Most think of it as tough love, especially in the beginning. Nonetheless, I care enough about you to communicate with you honestly, and to hold you accountable. So, if you are ready to work hard to claim the life that you have always wanted for yourself, then this is the place to be. In fact, if that statement is true, and if all other efforts to live a fulfilling life have failed, then I am the woman that you need to contact.


Sex Addiction Counseling

(Prerequisite: Personal Counseling)

In addressing sex addictions in men, there are a couple of facts that are generally accepted as true:

  • What men see impacts what they fantasize about
  • What men fantasize about helps shape their sexual desires
  • Men’s sexual desires shape their sexual identity
  • An alpha man’s sexual identity, as a demanding and entitled persona, causes damage to his life and his relationships

The issue of sex addiction is multi-layered, especially these days with every manner of sexual fetish being easily available on the internet. Very rarely does a man have only an addiction to sex, anymore. It is also almost unheard of for a man in today’s age to only have an addiction to porn, or masturbation.

Clients’ issues with sex addiction are usually a combination of sexual fantasies, being triggered by an occurrence, and being fueled by an inability to emotionally cope with past and present life issues.

I offer fetish-friendly counseling that allows clients to communicate more openly about their sexual issues, thus having a better chance of dealing with those issues effectively. It should be noted that the term “fetish-friendly” does not reflect my perspective on how healthy a fetish may or may not be for a client. Rather, this term reflects the fact that I am open-minded about and highly experienced with most fetishes. Clients speak to me in a judgment-free space. I support them as they process their issues and conclude, for themselves, what their truth looks like. We go through this process, step-by-step, until each of their issues has been resolved.

Expected Outcomes. At the conclusion of this program, clients will be able to identify their sexual addiction triggers, and they will also have done enough emotional work that they will be equipped to make choices that contribute to their living their best lives possible. Those who complete this program will also have identified individuals in their lives who can support them on their journey, and they will have identified moments when they need to ask for help.

Specialities. Sexual Intercourse, Pornography, Masturbation, Financial Domination, Cam Girls, Escorts & Prostitutes, Virtual Girlfriends.

Blacklisted. I DO NOT deal with pedophilia, bestiality, scat, vampirism, or the occult. If you require assistance with any of these topics, you should not enlist my services.

Time: 9-month subscription

Setup: 1-on-1 personal counseling with Alisa

Frequency: We meet as often as is necessary and for as long as is necessary. Many of my clients begin by speaking with me everyday. Clients who are in the midst of crisis may even opt to speak with me more than once a day. In short, I am here if you need me. Of course, common sense issues apply like time zone differences, and the fact that, except in the case of emergencies, clients who have scheduled appointments are given priority.

Mode of Communication: Skype (audio only), telephone (direct, anonymous conferencing), email

Anonymity: Your anonymity is guaranteed. You can give me whatever first name that you want me to have. I do not require your last name. I never require personal identifying information. However, I do need to know intimate things about you, your life, and your surroundings. So, if you are uncomfortable sharing non-identifying personal information with me, this service is not for you.

Payments: Payments are accepted via PayPal. Most major credit cards are accepted. Special arrangements may be made for clients who prefer to not use PayPal.

Ideal Clients: The work required during this program is extremely intimate. Those who will benefit the most from working 1-on-1 with me for this service will be individuals who are honest, self-aware, and ready to work hard to claim their best lives possible. These individuals also usually feel as if they have run out of options; that this is their last resort. They are of the mindset that enough of their lives has been wasted nursing their ego’s, and they no longer feel the need to fight to be right. They need help and they acknowledge that their way has not been working for them.

Sex Addiction Counseling
9-Month Subscription
Monthly, automatic recurring payments, for subscription duration.
(Discretely billed as "Heart and Soul Counseling")

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