Dear Female Partner,

If there is only one thing that you get out of your time on my website, I would like for you to understand that I am here to help.

Unfortunately, a man’s idea of help and a woman’s idea of help are extremely different. Not only might your objectives be different from those of your partner’s, but you more than likely have very different ideas about how you two might achieve your goals. This is a huge issue when there are two people who feel hurt and unfulfilled, and possibly betrayed by one another. When you have two people fighting to get what they so desperately want out of a relationship, they usually end up fighting each other.

For these reasons, I have created a unique space that allows the healing process to happen in a manner that yields more positive and more long-lasting results. Though you may not understand my methods, I assure you that they work. Though you may not agree with my methods, I assure you that they work.

My services are designed to help powerful men to let down their guard, to trust, to communicate, and to HEAL. On the journey that they take with me, they learn to love themselves, thus optimizing their ability to love and support you more.

Please know that at the beginning of the journey, the male partner works with me, individually. Our initial work usually has very little to do with his relationship with his significant other. Instead, our first work has to do with his relationship with himself. He needs space in order to do this, and he needs support. He needs to feel safe and like he is in the hands of someone who understands him and the messes that he gets himself into, without being judged by that person. And since I am not emotionally involved with your partner, he is more likely to be open with me and less fearful of being judged. He also needs accountability, and for someone to call him out on his bullshit. That’s me. That’s what I am here for.

While I cannot guarantee that your relationship will work out and that your boyfriend or husband will miraculously morph into the man of your dreams, what I can guarantee you is that this is the opportunity of a lifetime. If your alpha male partner is serious about addressing the issues that keep him from being the best version of himself in your relationship, chances are that I can help him.

However, the work likely does not happen in a way that you would prefer.

My average clients are in their late 40’s to late 60’s. They have struggled with things that their partners have no knowledge of. The longer they hold their secrets, the more the secrets grow; also, the more their shame, guilt, and hopelessness grow. They might find a counselor to talk to or a support group to join, but a lot of times they still end up looking for more. Something is missing. He doesn’t know what it is, but he convinced himself early in life that the answer was in porn, or another relationship with another woman, or another man. Maybe you know some of the details, but you have a gnawing feeling that there is a lot more going on.

Listen, I don’t have all the answers, but I do have some of them. However, the main answers lie inside of your male partner; and in order for him to gain the necessary courage to address those issues, he is going to need time and space to do that. My programs equip him with the necessary tools to deal with past issues. He will also learn to take ownership of his actions, to communicate effectively, and to see things from another person’s perspective. So, I ask you to trust the process. I ask you to trust in the results that so many of my clients achieve on a regular basis.

My clients become better husbands, boyfriends, fathers, employers, employees, and just better all around human beings. The first part of your male partner’s journey will be with me, but I promise you that if he is committed to this process, I am committed to helping him to be the best version of himself possible. And if he elects to include you in the relationship counseling process, after his individual work has been completed, then I welcome the opportunity to work with you, as well. It would bring me great pleasure to assist the two of you in achieving your relationship goals.