Dear Male Partner,

Chances are that you have made it to my website for issues other than your relationship. This entire website was designed with you in mind. So, unlike the open letter which was written for your female counterpart, I will keep my message to you brief.

Relationship issues for you are going to be quite complex and complicated. That is why I have created a safe haven for you to be able to address past and present issues without the stress of performing. You are under no obligation to say or do anything to please another person in this space. This space is all about you getting to your truth.

There may come a time when your female counterpart is introduced to the work that you do with me, but that is completely optional and the timing is completely up to you. This is your safe place. This is a place where you can heal. This is a place where you can gain the necessary tools to manage your thoughts and emotions in a healthier fashion; where you can find your truth and live it. In fact, I am so serious about this being your space that I do not even accept applications from females. Female partners must be introduced to me through the primary client – you.

If, and when you are prepared, you may opt to include your female partner in the process. However, that is totally up to you. Just know that this is your space. I am here for you. Be cautioned, though. I am not here to coddle you. I am here to whip you into shape; to hold up the mirror and to hold you accountable. To help empower you. To strengthen and support you. The journey will not be easy, but it will absolutely be worth it.