An Important Notice About My Services

While my doors are open to any qualifying candidate, it may be useful to note that my services are designed to address a specific niche that has been ignored for a very long time. I help affluent, alpha men to get their lives together; to create peace and balance in their lives; to have better relationships with their partners, loved ones, and friends; to develop as well-rounded sexual beings, without dependence on sexually deviant trappings; and to maximize their individual potential in life.

Admittedly, those aspects of my services, alone, may not be especially unique. However, the manner in which I provide my services is. I am the person who holds you accountable, who is 100% invested in helping you to maximize your potential, who holds up the mirror and requires you to live with integrity, who interacts with you based on nothing more, and nothing less, than the truth.

I love my clients. Most think of it as tough love, especially in the beginning. Nonetheless, I care enough about you to communicate with you honestly, and to hold you accountable. So, if you are ready to work hard to claim the life that you have always wanted for yourself, then this is the place to be. In fact, if that statement is true, and if all other efforts to live a fulfilling life have failed, then I am the woman that you need to contact.


Alternative Lifestyle Coaching/Counseling
(w/ an emphasis on BDSM and Female-Led Relationships)

We live in an age when people from all walks of life are exploring four letters that, until about five years ago, were considered largely taboo. However, today, BDSM has started to become something of a household term. I am well-versed in the BDSM lifestyle, and specialize in Female-Led Relationships (FLR’s). FLR’s are also frequently referred to as Dominant/submissive (D/s) relationship. This is not always the case. However, for this space, we do tend to focus on FLR’s and D/s relationships where they overlap. So, it is acceptable to use the terms interchangeably in this context.

Through this service, my clients learn to engage in alternative lifestyles in a healthy and wholesome manner. They embrace sexual exploration as an attribute to their lives, not as a distraction; and most certainly not as a manifestation of dysfunction.

Unique insights. I am a lifestyle Dominatrix who is active in BDSM. My understanding of the language and the culture. I assist my clients in deciding what their truth is in the lifestyle and in achieving balance, therein.

Fetish Specialties. BDSM, Dominance/submissive lifestyles, Female-led relationships

Expected Outcomes. At the conclusion of this program, clients will have started to identify their personal truth in terms of alternative lifestyles. They will have keyed in on the aspects of the lifestyle that ring as true for them, while also having identified aspects of the lifestyle that may be reserved for entertainment purposes, and other aspects of the lifestyles that simply should not be a part of their experience in the lifestyle. They will learn how to establish and maintain healthy relationships in the lifestyle. They will gain confidence and freedom that serves as a foundation for ultimate fulfillment in the lifestyle.

Blacklisted. I DO NOT deal with pedophilia, bestiality, scat, vampirism, or the occult. If you have issues related to these topics, do not enlist my services.

Time: 3-month subscription

Setup: 1-on-1 personal counseling with Alisa

Frequency: We meet as often as is necessary and for as long as is necessary. Many of my clients begin by speaking with me everyday. Clients who are in crisis mode will opt to speak with me a couple of times each day until they are able to manage on their own. In short, I am here if you need me. Of course, common sense issues apply like time zone differences, and the fact that clients who have scheduled appointments are given priority, except in the case of emergencies. But, the point here is that the payment structure is not based on a per-minute or per-hour plan. In short, if you need me, I am here for you.

Mode of Communication: Skype (audio only), telephone (direct, anonymous conferencing), email

Anonymity: Your anonymity is guaranteed. You can give me whatever first name that you want me to have. I do not require your last name. I never require personal identifying information. However, I do need to know intimate things about you, your life, and your surroundings. If you are uncomfortable sharing information about your personal life (non-identifying information), then this service is not for you.

Payments: In general, payments are accepted via PayPal. However, special arrangements may be made, and at additional cost, for clients who prefer to not use PayPal.

Before subscribing to this service, remember to:

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Alternative Lifestyles
12-Month Subscription
Monthly, automatic recurring payments, for subscription duration.
(Discretely billed as "Heart and Soul Counseling")

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