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Facilitating Healing & Restoration

A safe and supportive environment in which men resolve long-standing personal issues that have lead to destructive patterns and unfulfilled lives.


Hundreds of men from around the world have chosen my services because of my track record for helping alpha men achieve amazing results in their lives. My approach is direct. I get to the heart of the issue, efficiently.

One size does not fit all when it comes to deeply personal issues – especially when those issues have existed for years, and possibly even decades. In the end, clients generally choose Alisa Coaches because their voids haunt them, because they need results, and because they are willing to commit to the work that it takes to live their best lives possible.

Are you ready to work hard for the life that you deserve?


I offer a very specific set of services for a very specific type of clientele. If you sincerely seek results, and are ready to work hard to disrupt the dysfunctional cycles in your life, be prepared to offer the following, and I can guarantee you results:

  • Openness – Help me to understand who you really are. No pretense. No masks. No expectations, and no judgments. Who are you?

  • Vulnerability – Be willing to share your heart. Help me to understand what makes you tick.

  • Integrity – Say what you mean, and mean what you say. Ensure that your words match your actions.

  • Honesty – Speak truth, in its totality. No partial truths or deceptions. Communicate (in deed and in word) in a truthful fashion.

  • Commitment – Dedicate yourself to your process. This is not about perfection, but rather about doing your best at any given point in time.


My single greatest motivator in life is love. I love myself, my clients, the citizens of the world, the turtle crossing the street on a hot day…I just love. It is the way that I was created. My desire to help my clients heal and to maximize their potential is at the heart of all that I do. There is no pride. No ego. No judgments. When I say that I care about you and that I want you to succeed, that is what I mean, and that is what shows in my actions.

I say what I mean and I mean what I say. When it comes to communication, I am a straight shooter. I work closely with my clients to unearth the reasons that they remain stuck in unhealthy cycles. We explore underlying issues that may have gone undetected, or unaddressed, for extended periods of time. Honesty is one of the greatest weapons that my clients and I use in these situations. We don’t go in incessant circles for years and years. My clients and I work hard together and we get results; and the basis of our hard work is honesty.

Integrity is about saying what you mean and about meaning what you say. It is about communicating in a way that your words and actions purely reflect one another. For me, it is essential that I communicate in such a manner with my clients. Not with half truths or some version of truth, mixed in with deceptions; but with absolute truth. And because of this, my clients are able to trust me. And when they trust me, we can work together well and achieve optimal results.

We have all been on the receiving end of words and/or actions that were designed to elicit a reaction which would ultimately benefit the speaker of those words. When an individual is sincere, he/she communicates straight from the heart, and does not alter that communication in order to compel a specific outcome. Sincerity is about communicating from a place of truth, and remaining committed to that truth, without considering how the outcome may or may not benefit oneself.

I accept my clients for who they are and for where they are on their journeys. Most who come to me are quite broken – distraught, even; and the last thing they need is to be judged. I practice acceptance with my clients. And because of my vast experience in counseling individuals involved in alternative lifestyles, I am quite adept at helping clients work through even the most difficult issues. This is a safe place for my clients to do life-changing work.

Working through deeply-rooted emotional issues is extremely hard work. It is also time-consuming. One of the things that helps clients to persevere on their journeys is the knowledge that they are not alone; the knowledge that another human being is committed to helping them to succeed. My clients can rely on me to support them on their journeys to wholeness.

I am consistently here for you. I am consistently in your corner. I am committed to encouraging you, as well as to holding you accountable; and committed to supporting you, as well as to calling you out on your BS. I am committed to helping you to succeed.

From the very beginning, it is important that clients understand that I am going to ask probing questions about their actions and their motivations. They should understand that I am going to teach them to get in touch with self and to communicate clearly about the inner workings of themselves. This is a crucial part of our work, and it is not in any form or fashion optional. Without a clear acknowledgement of what a client is doing, or why they are doing it, an individual cannot possibly expect to move forward with any authenticity.

If you are ready to live your best life possible, and if you are ready to work for that change, then these services are for you. Visit the services page to learn more.


Current clients. In their own words.

“Before my counselling with Alisa, I felt hopeless and alone, but in a very short period of time, my life has become full of hope, healing, and connectedness.”


“Alisa has supported and guided me in understanding why previous relationships have not always been happy or fulfilling and what I needed to do to change that cycle.”


“I have been seeing Alisa for over two years now, using her counseling and coaching services. She was the catalyst that I needed to completely turn my life around. ”


“I am working hard to learn how to love myself. My unresolved issues have been holding me back my entire life. I need this. It is going to be good for me and for my family.”








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