Attaining Balance

Today, my relationship with my wife is more authentic. I am able to give love, trust and support to her, without demanding anything in return. I just want her to be fulfilled and happy on her path. The act of me giving to her, unconditionally, has made an impact on her peace and happiness. The change in her is tangible. Her improved state of being has lead to an improvement in the overall quality of my own life, as well.

However, I still face the fact that the current state of my marriage does not satisfy my deep desire for all forms of intimacy. Acknowledging my own personal truth empowers me and frees me to explore my options, without guilt or shame, without embarrassment or judgment. As much as it bothers me to not have intimacy with my wife anymore, I can honestly sat that there is no longer a void within me because of its absence.

I am actually at peace with the way that things are. I now look forward to growing old with her and to fully supporting her; loving her, all the while embracing my own personal truth and being fulfilled within myself.

Balance. Yes, I feel my life is beautifully balanced now. I still experience anxiety and fear at times, but their presence fades over time. Enjoyment and peace have supplanted anxiety and fear, almost entirely. I am on a path to living a healthy, balanced, and whole life. Again, what freedom!