The Hopeful Journey

The first thing that I noticed was the feeling of gratefulness that began to permeate my space. I felt genuine gratitude each day, and it was wonderful how the little things, that I had just been taking for granted, had suddenly become so meaningful. I began to experience fullness and contentment.

As shaken as I was during those first few days with Alisa, it was easy for me to understand the importance of those early moments. It was clear that I needed to embrace the opportunity. I needed to find my truth and let go of (actually kick out) the ego that seemed to have insidiously taken over my life. For the most part, my ego had gone unchecked over the years. Pure selfishness had started to take over.

Before my eyes began to open, there had been trepidation, anxiety, and a lack of motivation. And, even though I had identified what I thought was my purpose in life, it didn’t feel tangible or attainable. My motivation seemed smothered by anxiety, fear and by what I didn’t have.

But on this new journey, peace has washed over me. It remains with me, still, even after all of these many months. My truth and my life purpose have crystalized. A certain confidence is infused within me.