My Life Began To Change

I committed to the journey each and every day, to the point that the work became almost effortless at times. It became like second nature. The feeling of having Alisa there to guide me, to help me recognize truth from fantasy, and to hold me accountable gives me a feeling of comfort and safety.

There is an assurance that this wonderful space is sustainable day in and day out.

I embraced my personal truth, as well as the truth of my relationships – what they were and what they were not. I have been able to focus my energy on my wife and loved ones, in a selfless way that I had not been able to do for many years.

I feel whole. I feel strong in the fact that I am living my truth.

I go to bed each night, sleep like I have not slept in years, and I feel at peace. I awake each day, thankful to be alive and feel like I want to live, live, live!

This entire process means a great deal to me. It feels like freedom.