Family Man

As it so commonly happens, our relationship gradually deteriorated. We had children. We got distracted. We lost focus of loving and serving each other, and began to slip into different lives, drifting further and further apart from each other. We loved and supported our children with all that we were.

However, when it came to one another, both of us sought happiness outside of our marriage. I pursued emotional connection and sexual pleasure from other women. My wife and I were no longer working together, loving together. No. We had begun to veer further and further away from each other, focused on what we felt we were missing as individuals. There was very little emphasis on what we could do for one another. The seeds of ego had been planted and our egos began to control us. We each embraced living selfish lives.

I strayed and began an affair. My wife highly suspected as much and confronted me. I admitted the affair and blamed her for not being there for me. However, in truth, it was I who had not been there for my wife. It saddens me to think of how I let her down, but I did. I should have been there for her. My once pure soul had given way to pride and ego. Integrity had given way to manipulations. The version of myself that I had aspired to embrace throughout life had been crushed.

By that time, my wife and I had been together for years. We talked it over and decided to work on mending our relationship.