King of the Castle

Since my inception with Alisa, I have experienced nothing short of a profound life change; a change that I could not have ever dreamed possible. Every single day, I wake up grateful to be alive and enthused at what the new day will bring. I am in her Life Coaching Program now and my expectation is that I am on a life journey with Alisa as my coach.

The difference in the way that I used to live my life and the way that I live now is like night and day. Literally.

I am a mature man and have worked in the corporate world in various senior executive positions for some high profile companies. By all accounts, I have had a wonderfully successful, fulfilling, and accomplished career.

I have always felt very good about the integrity of my spirit and the integrity of my work.  However, the biggest challenge for me over the years has been my ego increasingly controling my actions. My ego wasn’t always such a problem, though, especially when it came to my marriage.

Initially, in my relationship with my wife, I loved her unconditionally and trusted her implicitly; and she reciprocated. We were in the relationship together, supporting one another and actively working to fulfill one another’s needs. We each gave 100% to the relationship and to one another.