A Good Hard Look In The Mirror

I feel compelled to share a bit about my journey with Alisa and the impact that it has had on my life. When I initially reached out to Alisa, I was full of doubts. My own motivations weren’t clear to me.I had gotten into the habit of using sexual vices to help me cope with the stresses of life. However, Mistress Alisa had struck a chord with me in one of her podcasts when she had expressed that it was, indeed, possible to “live the life that you have always wanted to live!”

In my first call with Alisa, she made me take a good hard look at myself in the proverbial mirror. It was painful, and yet incredibly helpful. She helped me to understand that I didn’t have to stay the way that I was. By doing the hard work with Alisa by my side as facilitator, counselor, coach, and friend, I was able to begin the hopeful, healing journey.

The work was challenging, but it finally sank in with me just how simple the process really was. All I needed to do was just be honest with her and myself, and I needed to be committed to the work. Probably most importantly, I needed to keep my ego from getting in the way.

The journey has had its challenges, but all in all, the hard work has absolutely been worth it. I know no other with the insight of Alisa, with the love for her clients, the will, the capability and the absolute commitment for those who need help in these sensitive areas. I am so very grateful. Here is my story…