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Outcomes & Expectations

This is one of my favorite aspects of the clients’ journey. It is wonderful to help those with brokenness to embrace the vision for what they want for their own lives. I love to ask them questions like:

What are you fighting for? What is your dream for your life? What will you do with your life when sex addiction no longer controls you?

One good look into the mirror of his own soul and the client starts to understand the sacrifices that he is making in order to protect his dysfunction – his addiction. It is a sobering conversation to have with oneself.

It is also an empowering one. For, when a client acknowledges what he is fighting for, then he is likelier to be stronger on his journey, to be more consistent, and to be more capable of facing the challenges that lie ahead. The outcome of this kind of journey is whatever the client wants it to be. I believe that the sky is the limit, and I encourage my clients to embrace this way of thinking, as well. They can have peace, balance, healthy relationships, successful careers, and anything else that they want in life.

So, when new clients approach me, one of the first things that I do is get a clear picture of their dreams. I am in the business of helping clients to live their optimal lives.