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Barriers & Challenges (pt. 1)

Complacency. When we, as human beings, feel that what we are doing is good enough, that there are no significant improvements to be made in our behavior, we do not prioritize growth. We become complacent, and complacency is insidious by nature. It grows and, before long can morph into selfishness and self-centeredness.

Ego. There is healthy ego and there is unhealthy ego. Healthy ego protects one from harm. It says, “I am valuable and I deserve better.” Unhealthy ego corrodes every aspect of a person’s life, either through bravado or a false sense of humility. That person is ruled by entitlement.

Pride. There is a healthy sense of pride and an unhealthy sense of pride. A healthy sense of pride encourages one to live with excellence, and to act with integrity. An unhealthy sense of pride leads to general dysfunction, with the individual behaving in an increasingly destructive manner.

Fear. Being afraid is a part of human nature and is absolutely normal. Fear becomes a problem, however, when human beings allow it to rule them. It becomes a problem when a particular thing grips us so much that we live contrary to our personal truths, and when facing those fears becomes so frightening that we choose to live beneath our potential. Fear is particularly troublesome when an individual refuses (or is unwilling) to acknowledge its very existence.