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The Process

It helps if the client approaches the process like a journey.

The journey is usually quite daunting in the beginning. However, once he learns the foundational tools for managing sex addiction, and he becomes accustomed to putting those things into practice, he experiences a distinct shift. Every aspect of his life is positively impacted: his home life, work life, relationships, professional successes, even his hobbies; but probably most importantly, he experiences a distinct shift in his relationship with himself.

On this journey, a client can expect to face his demons, and he can expect to build the skills that it takes to overcome those demons. He faces his past (how someone else’s actions have impacted him); he faces himself (how his own actions have impacted himself as well as others); and he faces his truth (who he feels that he is in his core, and what he truly feels he wants to do with his life).

Of course, talk about all of this hard work can be quite intimidating. However, I believe that it is important for clients to understand what is required of them, in the very beginning. No surprises here. And yet, it is equally important for clients to understand what they will get out from the process. Let there be no surprises there either.

So, prepare yourself to work hard. Then, prepare yourself to thrive and to live your best life possible!