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Establishing A Rapport

Each client relationship is important to me. Each broken heart that I encounter moves me, and I sincerely want to help all those that I can. However, in order for the work to be productive, there has to be chemistry between myself and the client.

For, it is a healthy rapport that lays the very foundation for a client’s successful journey. There are other factors, of course, like his readiness and his willingness to work. However, those are not things that I can control. One of my main roles is to ensure that the space is optimized for the client, so that he can remain focused on his journey.

My clients also benefit from healthy doses of guidance, support, and accountability; and these things are provided in an environment that allows the client to feel comfortable, vulnerable, relaxed, and safe.

Indeed, he has to feel safe enough to welcome being challenged by me.

If I am to help the client disrupt the dysfunctional cycles in his life, he has to trust me enough to let me see who he really is.