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Why Alpha Males

“Why provide a service exclusively for alpha males who struggle with sex addiction?” some have asked.

Well, I believe that it is incumbent upon us to begin addressing issues where more of an immediate impact can be made. There is an abundance of services available to support those who have fallen victim to powerful men. Indeed, lots of options are available to those who have fallen prey to an authority figure. However, the number of options available for the actual powerful men whose destructive choices ruin their own lives, as well as the lives of others, do not seem to be as readily available in mainstream circles.

Sure, there are a plethora of counseling services and support groups available – but the majority of my clients already have at least one therapist and belong to at least one support group, and yet they still find their way to me. I am often perceived as a last resort, and ironically, I usually help clients to achieve results when so many others have failed to do so.

When alpha men succumb to sex addiction, their families are impacted; as are their employees, their friends, and their communities. The world around us is impacted when powerful men fall prey to sex addiction, but even more so when that addiction morphs into an obsession.

By helping alpha males to heal, I am helping them to live more fulfilling lives, and I am also helping the world around us to be a better place to live in.