In developing a blend of high-demand skillsets, I have been able to create a unique service niche for exploited and underserved clients: alpha males who struggle with sexual addictions and dysfunctional life patterns, and broken alpha males who seek some sort of healing from unresolved issues.

As a counselor, life coach, and lifestyle Dominatrix, it is my job to understand the ins and outs of every aspect of my clients’ lives, and to help them to live their best lives possible.

Many times clients express a desire for certain things, but the very things that they seem to want so very badly also leave them feeling ashamed, guilty, and embarrassed. The very things that they think they want are ruining their lives and their relationships.

When clients come to me, I listen with an open mind. I am accepting of that which is, and of that which has been. There are no judgments. I am committed to helping my client to find his truth, to embrace it, and to live it. No fantasies. No games. Only the truth.