Heart And Soul Podcast

Fix Me!

(Last Updated On: January 31, 2018)

In this segment, Mistress Alisa helps addicts to understand what to expect from counselors, as well as what addicts need to be able to expect from themselves. Addicts are required to work for their own freedom. The truth is that no one can “fix” you. This is your journey and others can support you, at best. But there is no one who can “fix” you or take all of your problems away. Consider the amount of time that you invested in getting yourself into a precarious situation. Now, expect to have to work even harder to get yourself out of that same situation. No one can fix or heal an addict. That responsibility is his own. The best anyone else can do is support the addict; hold him accountable; hold up the mirror; require honest interactions. But the fixing – or the healing – of the addict is up to the addict, himself.

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