Financial Domination – An Exposé

(Last Updated On: July 7, 2017)

Financial Domination (aka FinDom) is one of the most popular BDSM fetishes around the globe. But, why?

I have known of individuals spending up to $10k a month – yes, a month – on the Financial Domination fetish. The men who indulge in the more extreme side of the lifestyle usually have a wife, multiple homes, expensive cars, boats, and children who are enrolled in college. He is the ruler of his universe. His presence is in high demand at work, in his community, and in his family; and he is highly respected wherever he goes.

That would be one of the more common profiles.

So, with all of those responsibilities, one can only imagine how useful that $10k a month, or $120k a year could be in enhancing the subject’s life, instead of being thrown away on temporary physical pleasure. His extra money could be going to investing in his life, but he is opting to invest it in his dick.

But, hey, this alpha male is powerful and in charge. The world is his oyster, and he deserves to have his fun, if he can afford it. Right? I mean – it is his money, after all. He earned it. So, what is the big deal?

Well, if any of the following are true, you could be building a life of distractions, which is in and of itself, problematic:

  • Distractions2-274x300You have surrounded yourself with people and possessions in order to feel better about yourself
  • You have orchestrated people and circumstances in order to reflect a dishonest version of your life
  • You are prioritizing sexual pleasure over the well-being of the people in your life
  • You are prioritizing sexual pleasure over your responsibilities in life
  • You embrace living a life of distractions and are seeking fulfillment in those distractions

And here are some things to think about that may be obvious, but that are difficult to really comprehend when one is in the midst of an addictive cycle:

  • lordfarquaadWhat goes around comes around. What you put out into the universe and what you do to others will come back to you. You do not get to bypass the karma (good or bad) that comes back to you.
  • When you allow yourself to see women as nothing more than objects for your sexual gratification, that mindset will factor into every relationship that you have – even the relationships that you have with your own children. Both your sons and daughters will take queues from you about how they should treat others, and about how they, themselves, should expect to be treated. (And if you think that developing a mindset that allows you to freely objectify women will not in several ways negatively impact your offspring, then you are sadly mistaken.)
  • Money does not solve emotional problems. It may be able to buy you a number of expensive distractions, but those distractions will just create deeper voids over time.
  • In order to obtain true peace, you will have to be brave enough to actually work through your issues. Ignoring them will not work. Choosing to be distracted from them will not work.

Lastly, I will offer the following:

  • mangoingbrokeUsing a woman to get off does not equal fulfillment.
  • Paying a woman to give you attention does not equal fulfillment.
  • Offering personal information to a woman so that she can blackmail you and jeopardize your and your family’s safety, while negatively impacting your career and your standing in your community does not equal fulfillment.
  • Escalating deeper and deeper into the claws of self-destruction does not equal fulfillment.
  • When you run out of money, the FinDomme will have no further use for you. Are you happy with being considered worthless by the very person that you have emptied your accounts (plural) for?
  • Is it worth ruining your life just to get your dick off?

(Note: FinDom is not to be confused with FemDom, which is short for Female Domination.)

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