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Confessions of a Submissive Man: BrianB #1

(Last Updated On: July 4, 2017)

BrianR has been in submissive training with Mistress Alisa for just a little bit under a month. However, his progress has been impressive. So impressive, in fact, that Mistress Alisa decided to have him on the show to share intimate details about his journey, thus far. During this interview, Brian has been teased and denied, on and off, over the course of the past seven days. Mid-way through the interview, Brian was also subjected to another tease and denial session (off the air), before being required to complete the interview. Listen and be amused with this little submissive. You will see evidence of how well he has been trained in just a matter of weeks. (Note: Brian’s voice has been altered in order to maintain his anonymity.)

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