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Relationships with Princess Dommes

Recovering from any addiction requires a long hard look at the truth. And it is equally as important to be able to be able to identify the feelings connected to addictive behaviors; to look at what you are doing and see how your actions impact not only yourself but those around you. Remember, with sex, porn, and masturbation addictions, we are not talking about chemical dependencies. Rather, we are talking about mental, emotional, and even possibly even physical dependencies on specific sexual acts. This article takes a closer look at the relationship between the alpha male who pretends to be submissive and the “princess dommes” in his employ. Let’s begin…


Life is full of lessons to be learned, of wisdom to be gained. However, integrity is unique. It is a quality that one either does possess or does not possess. We have social rules that dictate how we should behave with those in our environment. We also have something called being politically correct which attempts to standardize human behavior by determining what is good and what is bad for society.


Being lost in one’s own thoughts when struggling with addiction is counterproductive. It can be very helpful to have someone to speak with during such challenging times. And that someone should be trustworthy, non-judgmental, unbiased, and accepting. An interesting aspect of addictive behavior is the conversation that takes place between the addict and his addiction. It is as if the addiction, itself, has a voice.

A Support System

The importance of a support system for someone working through addiction is crucial. It is important to have those in your life who love and support you for who you are. Common sense, right? Well, the challenge is that it is a part of human nature to take advantage of those closest to us. Now, when you add addiction to the equation, there is almost a guarantee that some bridges have been burned, that lies have been told, and that many seeds of deception have been planted.

The Journey

Working through addiction is like embarking upon a marathon. Pacing plays a significant role in determining whether or not a race can be completed. It also plays a part in determining the state of the athlete at the end of the race. Those who run marathons will tell you that it is important to be in the moment and to not get ahead of one’s self. Neither is it beneficial to abide in the past.