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Confessions of a Submissive Man: SamS #1

SamS has been on a year-long BDSM journey with Mistress Alisa – a journey in which She is the Dominant female who directs his path and one in which he is the submissive male who learns to submit. He opens up about the ups and downs of his relationship with Her during that time. Sam speaks frankly about his feelings and the lessons that he has learned. He also shares some of the mistakes that he has made along the way.

Religion and the Sex Addict

In the face of seeing an increase in the number of religious leaders battling with sex, porn, and masturbation addictions, Alisa has decided that it is time to speak up on the issue. She touches on the trends of hiding behind religious rituals and titles, of doing the right things for the wrong reasons, and of investing more heavily in creating the appearance of holiness than in actually committing to living what one teaches. This is a wake-up call for religious leaders.

Submissive or Co-dependent?

Mistress Alisa explores the differences between submission and co-dependency. It is not uncommon in the BDSM lifestyle to run across individuals who try to sell co-dependency as submission. It is a problematic practice, at least. And, in most extreme cases, it can actually be dangerous. In this episode of Heart and Soul, she offers sound advice about the perils of co-dependency within the context of BDSM.

Find Your Passion

On the journey to recovery, knowing one’s passion, and embracing it, is crucial. The working definition of passion in these podcast has nothing to do with sex or eroticism. Instead, it has to do with one’s truth, one’s calling, one’s destiny, one’s purpose. When you start removing addictive behaviors, you have to replace them with something positive. And what could be more positive than one’s true passion?