Category: Addiction

What Is Wrong With Me?

This is a tricky question. Some will say that there is nothing wrong with you – that human beings are flawed by default. The argument, in essence, is that there is something wrong with all of us, and therefore there is no standard for someone who has nothing wrong with them. In short, we are all human beings and each of us has issues to work through. It’s just that society judges people and places issues on a hierarchical scale.

Why Can’t I Stop?

Until an addict understands what makes him tick, he will not be able to manage his addiction in a healthy manner. And it is quite normal to think that by virtue of the fact that you have lived in your body your entire life, that you understand yourself. However, that simply is not true. Without an acknowledgement of one’s driving forces or of the nature of one’s voids, there can be no healthy resolution to addiction.

This Is The Last Time

Addiction is cyclical. It is common for an addict to tell himself time and time again that he just needs “one more time” to indulge in his addictive behavior, and that after that he will simply walk away from the addiction. So, he indulges “one more time,” but the behavior never comes to an end with this type of thinking. Individuals have been known to try to alter their behavior through sheer willpower, alone.

I Am Ashamed Of Myself

Self-judgment is one of the most detrimental aspects of the addiction cycle. Playing negative thoughts in one’s mind enough times can cause those negative thoughts to become the backdrop against which all other aspects of an addict’s life plays out. It is as if there is a soundtrack of the person’s life playing, and the mood set by that music dictates how life’s events will unfold for the person.

Porn, Sex, and Masturbation Addictions

Porn, sex, and masturbation addictions often co-exist. They feed off of each other, making it difficult to know where one addiction begins, another ends, and where each of them overlap. Porn addiction results in an individual watching pornography for a disproportionate amount of time. Sex addiction results in an individual engaging in sexual activity (usually with another) for a disproportionate amount of time.