Category: Addiction

Building A Support Base

Before selecting an individual to be a part of your support base, you should first determine your objective, think about what is it that you want to accomplish, then act accordingly. If you want to strengthen pre-existing relationships, then obviously you will want to communicate with those who are already around you. Perhaps there are things about yourself that you have never shared with those individuals and you want them to know more about who you really are.

Addiction and Loneliness

The world of addiction is a lonely place in which to abide, and the very nature of addiction dictates that the addict’s life be shrouded in secrecy. An addict often feels a mixture of shame, embarrassment, confusion, and judgement, and he does not know what to do with all of those emotions. And with a mixture of so many feelings, there is usually an inherent need to protect oneself – beginning with one’s thoughts, feelings, and emotions.

What Is Addiction?

Identifying addictive behavior is usually quite simple, in and of itself; but understanding what is at the heart of addiction tends to be more of a challenge. So, what is addiction and what does it look like. Addiction is often characterized by an inability to think or act rationally, due to a dependence on something outside of the individual. That dependence can be on a substance, a person, a relationship, a lifestyle, or absolutely anything.