1007, 2019

HAS: Living Your Best Life Possible

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Living Your Best Life Possible Synopsis Mistress Alisa revisits a familiar topic and helps listeners to push ahead with clarity and focus. She speaks directly into the life of the listener on sensitive topics and helps them to identify areas in their lives that may be holding them back. If you are tired of being stuck, and you are ready for change, this podcast is for you! [...]

307, 2019

HAS: Men Who Play The Victim Card

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Men Who Play The Victim Card Synopsis Mistress Alisa addresses the ramifications of men embracing "the victim card" in order to avoid accepting responsibility for their own actions. She talks about what playing the victim card looks like and how doing so can negatively impact one's life and relationships.

107, 2019

HAS: Bringing Out The Best In Your Sub

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Bringing Out The Best In Your Sub Synopsis This segment addresses the ways in which dominant women can learn to bring out the best in their submissive men. When a balance is reached in the relationship, it becomes extremely gratifying and fulfilling for both parties.