Who is Alisa?

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I am a dreamer. A lover of literature. An old soul. Whimsical and artistic. I am tough, direct, and to be quite honest with you, a bit of a hard-ass. In other words, I am a real person. My professional background has allowed me to successfully navigate through political and corporate circles for several years. I survived early stressful work environments by becoming a master at “reading” powerful men. I learned to see the pain behind the ego, the chaos behind the wealth, the brokenness behind the ranting, the despair behind the power trips.

Understanding how the power brokers of the world operate has always been a fascination of mine. However, I, myself, have absolutely no desire to obtain power. I also do not have a desire to strip anyone else of their power. I respect the laws of the land which dictate that someone has to be in charge of making sure that the world goes around. I just don’t want that someone to be me.

My place is behind the scenes. I influence CEO’s, judges, lawyers, doctors, psychiatrists, and the like, to be the best versions of themselves possible. And that fills me. My clients do their work, and they go back out into the world to embrace their destinies. It is that simple. No gimmicks or games here. I look for clients who sincerely want to live their best lives possible, and I help them to do so.

Note: Discretion is a given. I fiercely guard my clients’ privacy.

Driven By Dedication And Compassion

I provide services that my clients actually need. Services that result in long-lasting effects.

Over a decade ago, through a series of interesting circumstances, I found myself counseling men who were struggling with infidelity, sexual addictions, and any manner of compulsive behaviors. They had questions and I had answers. They wanted a place to be open about their struggles, and it was so very natural for me to begin providing such a service for them. Valuable insights provided in a judgment-free zone.

You see, before I became a part of the solution, I was very much a part of the problem. I exploited men’s sexual weaknesses. It was my job to understand how men ticked, and to use what I had learned about them to help me to control them better. I was extremely good at my job – in fact, many would argue that I was one of the best. However, it was not long before I started to feel badly about my role in my clients’ lives, and I decided to make a change.

Now, instead of using what I know about men against them, I use what I know to help them. Guidance, support, and accountability are the cornerstones of my methodology. Though an unlicensed professional, I have created a highly effective system to assist men in working through even the most challenging of issues.

This is the place that men come to when all other efforts have failed.

About Alpha Males and Sex Addiction

Sex addiction needs to be addressed according to the specific needs of the client, and the challenges presented by alpha men require a unique approach.

As a counselor who has specialized in alternative lifestyles for more than a decade, I have found myself encountering large numbers of men who wreak havoc in their own lives, as well as in the lives of others.

By the time that clients find their way to me, they usually will have already enlisted the services of at least two or three licensed mental help professionals. Many of them will also have already joined some sort of support group to get help for their sex addictions. Yet and still, they find themselves looking for something more, and they find their way to me.

Alpha men who struggle with sex addiction are faced with having to sort through issues pertaining to dysfunctional sexual patterns. They are also faced with unresolved issues from their past, deficient character issues, poor intra-personal communication skills, and an unhealthy sense of self. The work that I do with my clients is thorough and the results are long-lasting. My clients learn skills that they need in order to manage their sex addictions, and also to live their best lives possible.

Sex addiction in alpha men is about much more than just a desire to have an orgasm, and there seems to be a shortage of services that can effectively help men to overcome the challenges centered around sex addiction. Alisa Coaches was created to help address the growing need for these specialized services.

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