Experienced Life Coach, Counselor, and Lifestyle Dominatrix

…with intimate knowledge of the inner workings of BDSM.

I have been providing life coaching and counseling support within the world of BDSM for over 17 years. There is nothing that you can share with Me that would shock Me.  I have heard it all before and seen it all before; and I have a unique ability that allows me to look beyond the surface to see what is truly driving my client’s behavior.  You can speak openly with me without fear of judgment. Obviously, certain issues must be dealt with carefully.  But for the most part, the space that my clients and I share is one of inclusion; one of sincerity. The environment is open, friendly, and non-judgmental. Come as you are and be free to be yourself.

Come and take a journey with me.  It is a journey that leads to peace, balance, integrity, hope, and fulfillment. On this journey, you will learn a great many things.  You will learn to stop running and to face your fears.  You will learn that you are stronger than you ever imagined; that you are worthy of loving and of being loved.  When you stop running, you will start to find the deep bliss that has long eluded you.  To some of you, I will be simply…

Alisa, while to others of you, I will be – Mistress Alisa.

suitNo matter how you address me, I will use my unique experiences as a Life Coach and as a Dominatrix within the BDSM lifestyle to teach you, to help you, to guide you. Your story is unique and so is your journey. And so, in an effort to understand exactly who you are and what you need, I am prepared to offer you a judgment-free place to work.  And work is exactly what you will do.
It will be with considerable effort that you learn to be open, to communicate honestly with yourself and with others, to resist the urge to hide, to resist the urge to manipulate others in order to try to fill your own empty soul…In short, you will learn and grow. You will become a person of deeper integrity.  You will become a better father, a better husband, a better lover, a better boss, a better employee, a better member of society.

The world of addiction is shrouded in the type of secrecy that slowly eats away at the very fabric of one’s being. It allows deceit to become the rocky foundation upon which grown men try to build fulfilling lives. And as you likely already know, the world of addiction is a trap that leads to great emptiness and despair. And once one is in the clutches of addiction, all that he is and all that he does is tainted.

If you are tired of hurting, of being alone and afraid, of living beneath your potential, then let’s talk.

Mistress Alisa

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