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HAS: They Died For Nothing

They Died For Nothing Synopsis It's the end of the year. In a rare moment, Mistress Alisa decides to become a bit more personal about her own journey, in an attempt to help listeners embrace life, as opposed to being stuck in the past. One of the biggest struggles for sex addicts is running from the things that haunt them. Mistress Alisa talks about making choices that present more opportunities to live life to the fullest and that increases one's chances of finding true fulfillment.

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HAS: You Have To Want To Change

You Have To Want To Change Synopsis Mistress Alisa talks to sex addicts about the difference between wanting change in their lives and wanting to actually do the work to affect change in their lives. This is more real talk for those who are on the journey to sex addiction recovery. If you feel stuck on your journey, then this might be just the message that you need to hear.

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