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Collared: Power Exchange (Pt. 1)

Collared S01E03: Power Exchange (Pt1) Episode Summary Mistress Alisa and her goodboy tom return to discuss the concept of power exchange, a wildly popular term used in the world of Domination and submission. What is "power exchange," and what is its place in D/s relationships?

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HAS: Troubles In My Second Marriage

Troubles In My Second Marriage A Request For Support In one of the sex addiction support groups that I belong to, a man posted, seeking support and accountability for the situation that he found himself. He had been struggling with an addiction of a sexual nature, which had played a role in the demise of his first marriage, and which was playing a role in creating problems in his second marriage. It became a relatively popular post, especially since there were so many that could relate to the details of his story. Having helped my clients to work through similar [...]

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