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HAS: The Alpha Male and His Sex Addiction

The Alpha Male and His Sex Addiction Profile of an Alpha Male A profile of an average alpha male who actively struggles with sex addiction might look something like this. He is likely to be: Powerful - able to alter the quality of life for other individuals Influential - able to convince people to do things that he wants them to do Entitled - has a sense of other people owing him something, usually with the mindset that he is more important than others Wealthy - has access to significant amounts of expendable income Selfish - thinks primarily about himself; [...]

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HAS: The Power Of Hope

The Power of Hope The Belief That Things Can Get Better One of the most common reasons that sex addicts find themselves on the losing side of their battle with sex addiction is because they no longer acknowledge that things can get better. They have lost their sense of self. Sex addicts can find themselves losing against sex addiction because they do not have hope for a better life, so they live for the moment - and the moment only. They do not think of the future consequences of the decisions that they make today. Therefore, whatever feels good right [...]

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